Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekends shoot/ This kid shot with my hero

Well it seems from now on every weekend I shoot will be plagued by rain....this is where I'd insert a middle finger to the current weather.. but we need it so I can't complain.

Mark is brand new to the industry , but he's already done work for Bruce Webber and Abercrombie twice!! now if anyone out there doesn't know this...Bruce Webber is my hero!!!
 I wonder what it's like moving from such a great photographer.. down to a shoot with me hah!

Special thanks again to my Assistant Jason, and Bara for makeup :)
Well since the great outdoors is my new studio as I'm now without a space gear had to be kept light ( may I ad the reason for the lightness is due to the fact that this city IS THE WORST CITY TO SHOOT IN PUBLIC.. reason being San Francisco charges the crap out of you for a permit..and since I'm a struggling artist , a permit isn't in my vocabulary at the moment) 
so gear:
 One profot 7b power pack and head, one umbrella and 4 grids..
the umbrella couldn't be used due to the wind, so all these were done with just a reflector and a 10 degree grid. With that a 28-70 lens was paired with my d80 for the second time.