Monday, March 16, 2009

Man has no idea how small he is compared to the world around him

a couple hours away from San Francisco and you'll hit this hidden treasure..

Photographer: William D Walsh
Models: Sarah, Ven Ford SF. 16 yo sarah braved the mountain winds and Ven braved the cold back here in the city with nothing but underwear on
Assistants: Jason Ng, Ivan Sokol
Makeup artist: Bara
Special thanks to the rangers on site.

Some behind the scenes to start things off:

And Finally the final images.
Everything was done with a pro foto acute pack, a 20-35 mm lens fitted with a red filter


Janelle Rae said...

so beautiful!

Jeff Slater Photography said...

i'm impressed. very nice work William.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! now do it again...this time with real models