Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 a year in photos and growth

Well the year is almost at an end, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite photoshoots  and experiences in 2009. I finally feel that I've grown and I've tried everything I wanted to.. so it can only get better from here! Special thanks to all the friends and people that have provided inspiration and motivation as well as making these shoots possible.

top: Domnique Ford , Jason

Sara with Ford Sf.. crazy shoot.. driving 4 hours into the middle of nowhere..point Rayes


 Kylie from Ford.. and first shoot at Miles Rock beach.. needles to say we got washed in..

I've always wanted to give LA models a try.. and I did :) All models with Ford LA

While there I also shot one of  my good friend's discovery's thanks Richard

back to sf

Nicole @ Look

molly@ Ford

Nicole @ look


Molly @ Ford

Tobi @ Major Munich

Britney America's next top model cycle 13 contestant

Gabe @ Ford

Eldon @ Ford

Christopher @ Ford


JB said...

Christopher (19 down) is such a fawn. Can we see more of him?