Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo shoot for Ford Models / behind the scenes

Wow all I can say is wow. I hope the feeling I got from this shoot never goes away! Yesterday would have been my first gallery show if I had not dropped out due to financial reasons, but things happen for a reason. Due to that I was able to do this amazing shoot with Fords new fitness division. I wanted to go all out and knock .

The socks off the agent that tossed these into my lap. She wanted something clean natural and also to show off the model's area of sport. I loved how the final images, and what a beautiful beautiful location ( The Sutra baths next to ocean beach). I want to thank everyone who turned out and made this shoot my best to date, and for confirming that this is something I want to continue doing. From Linda ( oliver's trainer), Jen ( reflector and strobes), the kick ass Mua, the model's and Dian for taking the behind the scene pictures. We rocked it out!