Sunday, April 12, 2009

And God said let their be sun and the 5d mark2

More to come from this amazing shoot in the Haight.
Lovely weather, lovely models and the money spent on renting the 5d mark2 was definitely worth it. I love how this baby handles natural light and the quality is amazing..
So for today's shoot folks everything was done just pure natural sunlight, a reflector in some instances . Camera 5d mark 2, 24 to 70 mm lens and bam..
More great pictures to come.
 Special thanks to Diana for letting us
 use her roof.
Photographer: William d Walsh
Makeup :Bara
Assistant :Jason ng
and special thanks to my good friend Lloyd

and here's something you don't get to see every day.. me showing poses and shooting


Janelle Rae said...

these are amazing william. keep on doing what you're doing. i'm always here to support you if you need anything dood.

Chris N said...

Oh dude. Sick!