Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hotels Hotels

Now I've been in hotels, but I've not stayed in one. So when I got the chance to shoot in one I jumped at the opportunity . I've always imagined a hotel room as a very voyeuristic place, you travel to a new city/ country and for the time you're there it serves as your abode.  I've always wondered what people thought and did in hotel rooms.. you know beside the obvious.. do they think of where they're coming from? or where they're going? or simply what's happening at that very moment ..


Anonymous said...

beautiful! what was your light source?

ivysgrandkid said...

light source was just one speedotron head with a softbox and umbrella interchanged throughout the shoot, that and some natural light from the windows

Mckenzie James said...

Really beautiful shots Mr ... great job. I love the subtle sexuality to it.