Monday, May 25, 2009

To the streets we go

I probably have one of the most confusing work flows known to modern day photography.. For a large shoots like the ones that happened this weekend I randomly select images and then assign a routine for retouch. From there I will see what will work for the final images after I'm done editing down. All models were pretty much flawless where skin was I can focus on other issues. I'll probably attack the full batch of images later on in the week, I'll have my work cut out for me .. no kidding..


so here are some quick ones.
First up is Derek, I've seen some great work of this guy. He's perfect for the studio setting, he can handle any light you throw at him. I wanted to take him to the streets for something different , a bit gritty. I'm glad it worked out well, it was winged, available light for most of the shoot. I have some indoor work with him also, will be getting to that soon.

For Cary ( guy with the chains) I just grabbed this image and played around with it a bit.
Leann , she had that classic face, so I'll be keeping things simple when working on her images.
Mallory my little 13 year old model has such an interesting face.. it can be young and sweet, but a times it's something totally unearthly ( I mean that in a good way).. Time to stop blabbing and head back to working on images.. then it's off to work.. Another trip shall be in the works for sure!