Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super model Molly & the Haight

I had allot say on this shoot and then I had allot of nothing to say..
Took inspiration from a few old school paints, some French documentaries , Childhood, youth, death, and coming of age..and Maria Callas, sempre Libra ( for the black and white hair toss)
Thanks to the lovely Molly @ Ford . Great day to shoot and great people, this is the reason I love San Francisco, who would have though such a beautiful location would be smack in the middle of the Haight.. the smell of pot was in the air and spirits were high.. the Highlight of my day, a passerby saw us shooting and blurted out : " that's some awesome white trash" haha you'll see why.And Special thanks to Oliver and his owner Linda who saved the day! can't wait for part two with the deer hounds!

White Trash

and sorry for this many uploads everyone, haha you know me I always have to show what I shoot, plus where else is it gona get shown hehe enjoy!