Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tobi @ Major ( Munich )

even the trees model on set

Did I quick test today with Tobi @ Major.  We'll be working on some upcoming projects and what better way to break the ice than do a quick test. First thing that grabbed me when we met earlier in the week was his killer cheekbones , sharp as knives and beautiful to shoot! I was inspired by film stills and Weegee's harsh on camera flash magic. Tobi was great, confident, sexy and knows what needs to be done and when to do it. I wanted something raw and natural, nothing too over the top. I discovered something interesting while shooting, out of the blue I decided to look through the viewfinder with my right eye instead of my left ( I'm a lefty) boo@ that , it seems my right eye sees color and focuses better :( . And P.s. Marc Jacobs thank you for making such a killer blue trench.. it rocked on this shoot.. now I love you!


Anonymous said...

Pretty f-ing killer.

The Mayne Attractiion said...

He has a very '80s look. I feel like I'm looking at a magazine from the '80s when I look at him. Excellent pictures!